2010年5月8日 星期六

Tracking kernel 2.6.32 for OMAP3

Recently I am thinking about update kernel to 2.6.32 for 0xdroid.
Currently the kernel for 0xdroid is based on 2.6.29 tracking AOSP's kernel tree. But we see there seems some new improvement introduced for OMAP3 platform, like including Graphics, a restructured patch set of DSS2 by Tomi, and updated EHCI hcd (USB 2.0) and USB OTG.

Actually the effect of changing kernel form 2.6.29 to 2.6.32 for 0xdroid project is not huge, but we expect updated USB EHCI can get the real stability and 0xlab's kernel can be suitable for more devices. Besides this, 0xdroid's kernel should start to follow up 2.6.32 branch of AOSP's omap kernel tree as well. It looks the force of development has been migrated to 2.6.32 branch already.

2010年3月28日 星期日


前陣子為了修改Android的manifest file,要把各個project 的revision拿掉,以使之直接追上HEAD。

$ sed 's#\([^][^]*\)\ revision=\"[a-z0-9]\{40\}\"\([/]*>\)#\1\2#' <> default_head.xml

如此則使之revision="GIT_SHA1_HASH" 屬性被移除掉。

2010年2月16日 星期二


今年回鄉下回到屏東萬丹,許久沒感受到鄉下環境,純樸自然的生活型態,夜晚的晚風含著田園味,獨棟式的建築風格以及南部的好天氣,在在都吸引著我。 其他不談,許多親人朋友大都在北部我想是最主要對於遷移南部這個想法來說的一個適應上的問題。

於不預期傳說中的城堡聚會參一腳的我感受到了Mini cooper在南部的精神了! Mini Cooper,硬式小跑車,精緻得洽到好處的藝術品。 好吧,我算是沒看過城市獵人

2010年1月2日 星期六

2010 の第一走








2009年12月19日 星期六


Sometime I feel like I need to slow down my pace and my mind and now the time it is. Either for quiet thinking, intending to watch more or thinking about changing something. As you can see, I am a lazy blogger and not a good writer. Passion is the momentum for anything you want to do and it's the best gift.

Here are something about my work recently. Write it down here for arrangement.
It's about 0xdroid project. I have done implementing Camera HAL for usb camera. For this, I need to have some concept about V4L2 in kernel. It's related to V4L2 Video In. Though camera is more complicated cause it can be greatly performance related when it comes to embedded device. For most product design, the camera sensor module is connected with the camera interface of the SOC. Thus in this manner, most cases there will be closed library provided by the SOC vendor for doing some effect control and performance related tasks.

When doing video recording with the camera, colorspace conversion for encoding and for preview on the screen to make the acceptable frame rate is really critical, especially when the resolution is high. Better situation will be more task can be handled by hardware. For taking picture, it would be better if the hardware can do scaling and jpeg encoding, etc. For previewing and video recording, it also would be cool if we don't need to do heavy colorspace conversion in host software side by hardware conversion(YUYV to YUV420(sp) or RGB) and Overlay support.

Overlay is cooperated with V4L2 video out part. Overlay verifying and could be used by Camera HAL or multimedia video playback is important.

More ahead. Though I need to let myself know what's the value and getting prepared.

Off topic here in this post, most importantly, Glad and excited that we have a third release, beagle-donut-0x3.